Transparent Salaries

Transparent Salaries

Hard Work Deserves Fair Pay

Enochian Salaries

Candour is one of our core values. It means transparency and honesty. We believe candour is crucial to building and maintaining trust, both with our team members and our valued clients.

Salary transparency helps everyone. It ensures our team trusts us to pay everyone fairly and helps our wider community ensure that they are paying, or being paid a fair wage for the work they do and the value they bring.

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Do you have a passion for crafting high quality business apps and automations on the Microsoft Power Platform?

Salary Forumla

Inspired by the efforts of organisation like Buffer.

We believe that a forumla based salary is the best way to ensure all of our team are paid a fair wage and to reduce the pay gap found in traditional compensation approaches.

Position & Experience

We benchmark for position and experience level based on the software industry and the 50th percentile of London job market data taken from Glassdoor.

Role Example

Power Platform Developer I – £30,290

Position & Experience

The cost of living is applied based on your location. This takes into account our national team, while closing the gap in traditional compensation approaches.

Cost of Living Bands
Low (75%), Average (85%), Intermediate (90%) and High (100%).

Formula-Based Salary

We calculate salaries taking into account your role, experience and location. You'll never earn less than the Living Wage Foundation's real cost of living.

Salary Example
A Power Platform Developer I in an Average cost of living band would earn £25,747.
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